Sparkly Mini

Sparkly Mini

Sparkly Mini

Everyone needs a friend who will tell them they need to put on a sparkly mini skirt. I have just such a friend.  Her name is Bird, and I’ve known her since we were both 18 years old.  We’re not 18 anymore and sparkly minis had been a thing of the past for me, and a thing of ‘never’ for her, until Bird and I decided to go to Vegas to celebrate our December birthdays in style. The glitz and glitter of Vegas seemed just the thing, and I decided I was going to play it to the hilt:  we were going to see Shania Twain in concert, and so I did something uncharacteristic and bought a sequined mini skirt.

One of my jobs in life is to entertain Bird, and I knew wearing the mini would do just that. We are Midwestern girls at the core, so a bit, shall we say, restrained in our clothing choices. But every once in a while I like to mix it up just to see what reaction I’ll get from her; (some favorites have been a black wool cape and a blue fur chapeau.)

So in Vegas, at the Shania show, I wore the mini. Bird wore a sequined Santa hat, which I must say might have stolen the show from my mini. But when Shania came on stage in a full-body sequined cat suit, I suddenly felt I simply had not gone “Vegas” enough.  Turning to Bird I said, “I WILL be wearing this sequined mini again!” “Yeah? When?!” she laughed, shaking her head. “I will”, I said, “I swear I will. “On Christmas!”, which was the first thing I could think of since it was only two weeks away.

Fast forward to Christmas Day.  It’s early afternoon, and Bird is there with our family, the presents have all been ripped open, the kids comatose from overstimulation and lack of sleep.  Its’ time to start preparing dinner, but my energy and enthusiasm are flagging; like Moms across the country, I’m wiped out.  After weeks and weeks of shopping and preparing, now that the big event is pretty much past all I want to do is take a nap.  But no….I’ve committed to making dinner, so I go upstairs and shower, get dressed and come back down to get something in the oven.

Bird is in the kitchen when I walk in, a look of disbelief on her face. “What are you wearing?” she asks. “Huh?” I say. “What do you mean?”

“A beige sweater and jeans Nonte….I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO WEAR THE MINI??!!”

I stand there, looking down at my sweater. She remembered!! Truth is, I had thought about putting on the mini, but, but…….”I just didn’t feel sparkly!”  I exclaim.

“You didn’t feel ‘sparkly’….?” She repeated, shaking her head sadly. “Well…do what you want….but a beige sweater is a far cry from that mini skirt!”

I give it one last try.  “But, it has gold metallic threads in it!” I say, pointing at the sweater.  She’s having none of it, walks away.  And I’m left there in the kitchen, thinking, hey….I really do wish I’d put it on; but…but….and I start to make preparations on my big beef tenderloin.  Within a few minutes I’m hot….I”m in a sweater!  It’s hot in the kitchen, I have the ovens on….what was I thinking?  I’m going to have to change now anyway…..gotta get out of this (beige) sweater….!!

Upstairs I go…..I pull out a shirt, actually a shirt I bought to go with the mini….and oh, heck, okay…..I guess I’ll put it on!!  It’s crazy, no one is coming over, no one else is getting all sparkly….but on the mini goes, over some tights and boots, and suddenly…..I am feeling…….sparkly!  Yes, my feelings go ‘whoosh’ and I laugh out loud at the transformation.  Could a sparkly mini be responsible for this wholesale change of attitude?  Why did I think I should feel sparkly before I put it on??!  The point is, I realized in that moment….it’s up to me to do whatever I can to promote sparkliness in my life, in my self.  The skirt just reflects what’s inside, what wants to come out….and in that moment Shania and her catsuit had nothing on me.

I strutted down stairs. The first to catch sight of me was my husband, who let out both a delighted laugh and a gasp at the same time. “Oh, MY!”  he said, and grabbed me. My girls hugged me around the waist, Daisy stroking the skirt, saying, “Pretty, Mommy!” Bird came in, laughing…..”It’s amazing what a wardrobe change can do for a girl!” she said.

I say….it’s amazing what a good friend will do for a girl, one who will encourage her to get her shine on, especially when she doesn’t feel like it.