You Can Come To My Party!!


You Can Come To My Party!!

Celebrating life is an art. Our lives can become so busy, there are so many distractions and demands on our time that we forget to take time to celebrate and have fun with those we love. It’s always helpful to be reminded that celebrating life is something we choose; it’s a mindset and it can become a habit.

This past week, as I busily went from activity to activity, preparing for the holidays, I had started to feel that I wasn’t entirely enjoying any of this, that it seemed much of it was ‘things I had to do’ rather than ‘things I want to do’. Enter a wonderful reminder in the form of my three year old daughter, Daisy, a consummate practitioner of the art of celebration.

Daisy is excited because her preschool class is preparing for a holiday party and singing performance. Last week, she started saying to us excitedly around the house, “You can come my party!” and then she would tell us all that had been planned.  After a few days I started to notice that she wasn’t just saying this as an invitation; whenever she detected irritation or frustration in me, she would say, as she patted my leg and looked intently into my eyes, “It’s okay Mommy, its okay….you can come my party!!”  It had become, for her, a way of comforting me, of saying, “Mom don’t sweat the small stuff; life is to be celebrated, remember my party?? You can come!”  Whenever this would happen, my cares instantly fell away, and I laughed as I dropped my over-seriousness and joined in her excitement about the class party.

Daisy is the single happiest person I’ve ever met.  From the time she wakes up (5am anyone??) to the time she goes to bed, she is full-throttle happy, her energy level at least 5 times a normal human.  But it’s not a frenetic, physical energy; it’s excitement…..happiness…giddiness about life, and it is infectious.  One day recently, I took her with me shopping.  She saw a display of merchandise that had already been wrapped in red paper and a beautiful silvery bow.  She ran right up to it, put her little hands on it, and said to no one in particular, “Oooooo, thank you!”  She thought the present was there just for her; and indeed, she lives life as if the universe has just flung one gigantic gift after another in her direction.

Having Daisy in my life has meant that I had to make a decision to ramp up my energy to match hers.  It has meant being reminded on a daily basis that the little things in life are worth noticing, being excited about, and celebrating.  When you are lucky enough to have a three year old invite you to her Life Party, the only possible RSVP is ‘yes’.