Thanksgiving Week Commentary


Thanksgiving Week Commentary

Dear Friends:

In this week of Thanksgiving, many of us are appreciating the special relationships we have that inspire us to reach our greatest potential.

We recently introduced you to Lucy, our Shih Tzu, because she inspires us every day. Lucy is ten pounds of courage and integrity….she seems to feel her ‘job’ is to guard us, her family, against any and all intruders. I have seen Lucy cause a 90 pound lab to cower in a corner with his tail between his legs! She lives a Big Dog Life in a little dog body, and I think we can all be like that.

There is something much larger within us than we usually acknowledge; and if we consciously align with that larger part of ourselves, our lives will be transformed. Thanksgiving is about noticing and appreciating the abundance that we have available to us both within and without; and realizing, like Lucy, that we can live a life that is large in spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Posted by: Beth Nonte Russell